Ekopal S

Air Heaters Fired With Straw And Other Biomass


Based on the straw-fired boilers type EKOPAL RM, the company METALERG has developed the designs for a range of air heaters that allow you to heat air to 248 ° F. The straw burning system in these heaters is the same as in EKOPAL RM boilers, i.e. the countercurrent system. This line of air heaters includes 6 sizes of heaters with power from 340,000 BTU to 3,145,000 BTU. With such a range of sizes, the heaters can be adapted to all kinds of bales of straw, starting from the smallest cubes with dimensions of 31x16x16 in through the round bales with a diameter of 47x71 in, up to high density cuboids with dimensions of 98x47x31 in. 

The air heater type EKOPAL S can be characterized as a "2 in 1” system, since it contains both a boiler and tube type heat exchanger. The water was replaced in this heater with high-temperature fluid. Heat is transferred to the liquid, and then using the tube type heat exchanger, it is transferred to the air. 

• 100% replacement of the previous expensive fuels, such as oil, gas, coal or coal dust 

• Easy adjustment of air temperature and its small drop between charging operations 

• Easy operation 

• Permanent maintenance through the heat carrier 

• No need to drain the fluid after the heating season 

• Possibility to adapt the heater to water heating after drying season